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About us

We are a team of undergraduate students at Yale University who are passionate about the law. Our team members have a wide variety of interests and majors, but we all enjoy preparing for and competing in the American Moot Court Association Competition each year. We love teaching anyone we can about how interesting and important moot court and the law are.

If you’re interested in getting involved in moot court, you’ll find many more resources on this website, or you can contact us directly!


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What we do

Compete for amca

Students on the Yale Undergraduate Moot Court team compete in AMCA competitions. We prepare together and send teams of two to write and argue a case in competition with universities across the country.

host our annual workshop

We want everyone to have access to moot court. In order to make it easier for newcomers to get involved, we offer a full-day workshop for high schoolers on the basics of moot court and which provides an opportunity for students to practice their skills.

Host our annual competition

Our biggest event of the year is our high school moot court tournament. High School teams from across the country will be judged by Yale students, professors, and legal professionals in the perfect tournament for beginners and experts alike!



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