High School Tournament and Workshop

Yale Moot Court Tournament and Workshop

The second annual High School Moot Court Tournament and Workshop hosted by Yale University

Click here to watch the final round of this year’s tournament and here to watch the final round of the 2021 tournament!

the basics

The Yale Undergraduate Moot Court team is excited to announce the second annual Yale Moot Court Tournament, which will be held virtually on Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd and is open to all high schoolers.

Moot Court is a debate format simulating Supreme Court oral arguments. Each debate revolves around a fictional case dealing with two constitutional issues. This case will be posted in advance of the competition. Competitors work in teams of two, preparing oral arguments for both sides of the case. Competitors will operate off a given set of facts for the case and use evidence from a predetermined set of Court cases. Each side is given 20 minutes to make their case to the judges, who may interrupt to ask questions whenever they wish.

For students unfamiliar with Moot Court or wishing to refine their skills, we will be hosting an optional workshop with members of the Yale Moot Court team on April 2nd. More details about this workshop will be announced shortly. Training materials can also be found on our website.

how to register

To register, simply fill out this form by April 15th. You may register as many participants as you would like and may add more at any time until the week before the competition begins.

The registration fee is $100 per team and $15 per school, and it includes registration for the optional workshop on April 9th.

IMPORTANT: Any team that registers after the first 40 teams will be required to provide one judge for every team attending the event. Judges can be anyone familiar with the U.S. Legal system or with Moot Court.


The Yale Moot Court Tournament runs from 3:00 pm on Friday, April 22nd to 7:30 pm on Saturday, April 23rd. Check-in begins at noon on Friday.

important details

Click below to read this year’s fact pattern.

Read the tournament rules here.

Read the tournament schedule here.